Friday, January 31, 2014

Rallying the Masses, and the tumble thereafter

The Radical party attracted a number of newcomers by Yrigoyen's election in 1916. How had Argentina's politics changed in the previous years to account for this shift? What important industries were developing in Argentina that were still connected to foreign markets, and how did this contribute to economic nationalism? Finally, why was President Yrigoyen ousted by a military coup?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Great Depression in Canada: Key Historical Debates

When preparing a paper 3, it is always best to reference historical perspectives to earn the highest marks possible.  Consider historians like John Boyko on Bennett's conversion to New Deal policies.  How about Findlay's perspective on Canada and Keynsian economics?  How do historians such as Bumstead, Finkel, Conrad, and Strong-Boag address how the Depression led to the growth of a strong federal government in Canada?

The Impact of the War on Canada

Like the United States, Canada emerged from World War II with strong rates of production, low unemployment, including increased employment opportunities for women.  Compared to the United States, how much did the influence of Canada's federal government increase over the course of the Great Depression and the second World War?

The Impact of the Second World War on the USA

We have been talking about Canada for a while, but definitely always with a comparison to the USA in mind.  Consider how the war affected the unemployment rate, the GNP, and the gap between the rich and the poor.  What is the significance of the Smith Act and the fact that FDR was elected for four consecutive terms--how strong was the federal government going into World War II?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Return to Mackenzie King

Does the fact that Canada returned to its former Prime Minister MacKenzie King in 1935 show that it is completely different from the United States in terms of coping with the Depression?  While FDR did face some criticism the US kept him in office for four consecutive terms.  Is Canada much more precarious politically?  How effective, in your opinion, was King as Prime Minister the second time around?

Alternative Responses to the Depression

Consider how FDR was criticized from both the right and the left when he instituted his New Deal policies in the United States.  How did Canadians respond to their government's dealings with the economy?  How did this vary by region or by social class?