Tuesday, April 15, 2014

McCarthy Questions

Answer questions 1, 2, 4, and 5 in BULLETED points below.  Thanks :)


  1. 2. My impression was that Senator McCarthy was very upset with Mr. Welch and had no problem telling him so. Senator McCarthy was a serious man, with a pompous air to him as he discusses the severity of the Communist party, which, Mr. Welch, seems to take as a laughing matter.

    4. Though hard to understand, my impression of the video is that the communists took away the jobs from the hard working men and women of the country. The men discuss that the communists need to be expelled from the government, even if not everyone is serious about getting rid of them.

    5. While reading the transcript, I imagined all sides to be very exacerbated, which was true as shown in the video. For me, I most accurately understood the transcript, as it was easy to read and understand. In both the video and audiotapes, it was very difficult to understand what the people were saying as the tapes were very old.

  2. 2. McCarthy was very confident and he did not doubt on saying anything he thought about Mr. Welch and the situation whether it was bad or good. He was very sarcastic which does not really surprise me but at the same time serious when accusing Mr Welch about the Communist party. They both try to attack each other and it seems like they like to discuss.

    4. Again McCarthy, had everything he said organized and did know at anytime what to say and respond with no doubts which made him even more powerful and serious. especially when accusing others of Communists. He was again very sarcastic from my point of view which gave him more authority

    5. In the audio, it is much more easier to understand the tone of the conversation but it is more difficult to understand the actual conversation, it is hard to follow. I'd suggest to read it first and then listen to it to understand the tone and the situation better.

  3. 2. My impressions from the photos and the transcript is that McCarthy was very sure in what he was doing. He was truly motivated by his cause and believe in it 100 percent. He was truly convinced this people had committed treason and used all means to prove so. All though he couldn't prove anything, he still acted confident.
    4. What I took away from the video is that communists were viewed as plausible threat, and some truly believed it was possible they had infiltrated forms of government. And McCarthy and others wanted to make sure they were removed from office just incase they actually were.
    5. The transcript was easiest for me to understand because you could read a long and understand the context in which it was written clearly. It is harder to follow the audio and comprehend what is being said at the same time.

  4. 2. After I looked at the picture and read the material, it really gave me a strange feeling. Feels like a stick straight poke up into the air... I don't know, McCarthy just seem very confident in what he is doing and he was really... I mean he hates the communists, didn't he?
    4. It shows in the video that Communists were really like threat to the United States... and I think it is awkward (maybe because I am from a communist country) because it is like kicking those communist completely out.
    5.I think the reading material is easier for me to understand. The video is obviously with emotion and meaning but I don't actually understood what they are talking about (but I got the sense). The video might be more accurate if it is simple enough :)

  5. 2. After looking at the photos and the transcript it is obvious that McCarthy knew what he was saying. He had a lot of confidence and this might have been off-putting to Mr. Welch. They both react completely different towards situations, which could be the root of their arguements
    4. While listening and thinking about the video I think McCarthy wanted to gain credibility, and by speaking like he did, with being completely confident and have no uncertainty. Ultimately he just wanted the communists out.
    5. I defeintely both agree with Laura and Lauren. The audio was much harder to understand by it gave off an important detail which was the tone of the conversation. This is helpful because you could read the transcript and hear the audio and have two different feelings towards both even though they are the same.

  6. 2. After looking at the picture and transcript you can tell the McCarthy knew what he was saying and had some evidence to prove it. You can tell that his confidence scared Welch in a way that he had to react a completely different way.
    4. What i learned from the video was that if you listened to the video at the time it was intended for you can tell that people were actually scared of the threat of communism. Since it was such a threat, McCarthy tried his hardest to make sure it was not able to spread.
    5. I think that the audio was easier to understand because you had the conversation to follow right in front of you so you know what they are saying

  7. 2. after looking at the transcript i can tell that mccarthy was really confident in what he was doing. he makes everything sound really complicated and complex. hes also kind of rude and pushy towards Mr. Welch.
    4.after watching the video i can tell that communism was really a huge part of history. anyone who was communist was viewed as basically a threat to americans and a threat to anyone who wasn't communist. Anyone who was even considered to be communist was taken out of office and all others were allowed to stay as long as they didn't become communist.
    5.the impressions from the transcript shows how dominant mccarthy was and how everyone was basically under his control because they were kind of scared and wanted to hear what he had to say. The video shows how the communists such as mccarthy were shut down and put out of office and how he was not in control of anything and soon no one cared about him.

  8. 2.) By looking at the McCarthy-Welch exchange you can almost feel the paranoia of McCarthy in trying to weed out the Communists in the federal government. Welch also seem both impatient for Joe as well as fearful of what McCarthy is saying can take hold and spread fear.
    4.)Listening to the video you can only imagine the rampant and palpable fear of the spread of communism during that time.
    5.)The audio was easier to understand the very real fear of communist infiltrators because of the intonation of their speeches while the transcript is easier to follow along to and refer back to.

  9. 2. McCarthy- confident in what he was doing, even though he had no evidence that Welch was a communist he still was accusing people, and apparently back then they did not need proof.
    4.Once again McCarthy was accusing people of being communist and he did this in a sarcastic manner. So being communist, people were scared and wanted these threats gone.
    5. the transcript, because for all you know he could be a very good actor and convince people something when it was wrong. But the transcript is easy to read and very understandable.

  10. 2. Mccarthy seemed to be very sure of himself in what he was saying and doing. Him and Welch both reacted completely different in every situation, and Welch might have been slightly thrown off by mccarthy.
    4.As i watched the video i had several different impressions. The first being that MCCarthy was truly strong and sturdy in his argument, and that people really were scared of communism but he was not going to let that happen. ANyone who was even considered a communist was a threat, and they were going to make sure that there were not any more threats against communism.
    5. I think the most accurate undering was shown through listening to the video because you could hear people tones of voice and hear the motion. It was much easier to follow along with and get the sense of how scared some people where are how serious a situation it was.

  11. 2. McCarthy seemed to have some serious confidence in all that he was doing. Welch was in a bit of predicament, seemingly afraid of going against McCarthy because of how much power he had. He could just accuse people of being communists without having any evidence.
    4. This was a pretty heated conversation, for a courtroom of course.
    5. I think the most accurate understanding was provided by the video. By watching it, I can see and hear exactly what was going on.

  12. 2. McCarthy is a very evil person. He uses the fact that Welch can not talk back seriously on topics since McCarthy would accuse him of being a communist If he did. Even though McCarthy does not have evidence, people do not go against him because they do not want to be a scapegoat.
    4. McCarthy is a very confident man. He is very strong in his argument even when he is lieing about everything. Everyone is very scared of being accused as a communists. Because, communists were a threat to the society at this point.
    5. I think the most accurate understanding was provided by the book.
    When I read it, I was able to see exactly what was going on and the exact evidence on reading.

  13. 2. after reading the transcript, I finally understand why McCarthy was so powerful, for years. Many people's accusation couldn't tore him down. He was a smart man. He gives a great answer in the hearing to every attack Mr. Welch said to him. That's my general first impression.
    4. After the video of the same thing, I indeed had different impression to the text. When mccarthy was claiming the dangerous of communist, I saw the face of the chairman and the mr. welch having an reluctance and an suffering time to listen to him.
    5. The two methods of records certainly did different jobs to me. Both have pro and cons. The transcript would able to let me understand the context better, and video allow me to see their facial expression and their tones. I would say video provides more accurate understanding but I found video is hard to follow what they are saying.

  14. 2 Joseph McCarthy did not win over his support by facts and evidence but his firm attitude. According to the photograph, the video and the transcript, it seems like McCarthy is a firm believer of what he was doing in terms of finding communists. There is clearly no substantial or concrete evidence for McCarthy to accuse Mr. Welch. McCarthy's accusation is remarked by Mr. Welch as lack of "decency".
    4 I cannot find a 12 minutes video, but a 4 minutes one. Nevertheless, I am still capable of forming an impression of McCarthy from this video. He seems calmer than Mr. Welch. McCarthy's composure showed his confidence which belies McCarthy's lack of evidence.
    5 The videotaping offers a more emotional and personal perspective; the transcript offers a more rational side of the event. I thought McCarthy would be more passionate in his speech when I was reading the transcript. However, Welch was the agitated one. It is important to know how different media can portray one event distinctly. It is essential to look at the speech in both ways in order to get a handle of the real situation.

  15. 2. I noticed that Senator McCarthy seemed more calm and composed than Mr. Welch. This gave him an aura of power and seriousness to Welch's disparity. He also had an answer for every attack. It is therefore unsurprising that this man was able to rise to power so quickly in politics, luckily for our nation his reign was short lived.

    4. The twelve minute audio file paints McCarthy in a different light. It showed McCarthy making allegations without any proof. He includes his personal thoughts and opinions rather than listing any facts. He continues to then not pay attention to the other speaker which simply makes him seem rude.

    5. The two records of the same event elicited vastly different reactions. Clearly it makes a difference to share excerpts out of context rather than sharing the full speech. This is because the first video makes McCarthy seem confident and composed, and quick to make a comeback. It also made Welch seem irrational. The second version, the audio file, showed McCarthy for who he truly was. It showed him making faulty, opinionated allegations and being plain rude. Clearly, the second method provides the most accurate understanding.

  16. 1. Went to link
    2. What made McCarthy powerful were one his reputation and two, the way in which his words stuck with the people. He made himself look like a hardened all American who just wanted the people to be safe from the threat of communism. Everything he said was anti communism. He also had a lot of influence in the media which helped when he accused others to have the people be on his side. Plus, if anyone said anything against him they were made to seem communist themselves.
    4. The video shows that clearly the communists were a threat to the United States, people who took away jobs and plotted the downfall of the US.Also, McCarthy helped with that point of view by his confidence.
    5. I think the videos just serve to give us a completely different perspective on McCarthy. With these we actually see his speeches, his posture. The way he was able to captivate an audience and not just seem like anyone else. I thought these videos were really helpful for my understanding of his power.

  17. 1. Went to link
    2. After reading the transcript and after looking at the photos, I agree with almost everyone else that McCarthy seemed like he knew what he was talking about, was a very confident man however I think that its his confidence that got him in trouble because of all the power that he seemed to have. I do agree that he was very rude to Mr. Welsh however I only think he was because he was so passionate and so powerful.
    4. After watching the video it is obvious that McCarthy wanted to almost scare people out of being a communist and that you can tell that they were not welcome anywhere. The more people McCarthy accused of being a communist the more he got himself in trouble.
    5. I think that the transcript shows a better understanding of the situation because overall in writing you can explain more, tell more and overall just say more then you can in a video because the listener of a video only has so long of an attention span while when you are reading you can add as many details as you want to make it come alive which is why i think that the transcript is better.